We would like to thank you for participating in our Muchi Making and Mini Marathon last January 17th, 2020.

We apologize that we cannot do the full Marathon this week because some of our students have influenza or fever.

Thus, we would like to have Marathon next week, Thursday, January 30th, 2020 from 9:00 in the morning. If you have time, please come and join us😊

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.😊

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Christmas Party tomorrow🌲

We would like to remind everyone the following:
•bring 2 empty containers (child and parent) for lunch

•wear your inside shoes in the gym (for parents/guardians)
Thank you for your cooperation. See you tomorrow☺





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Kinder Open Class

Thank you for coming in today’s K2 Open Class 🙂

Tomorrow, K1 will have Open Class as well. However, we received request from some parents that they want to see our classroom routine too. Thus, if you have time, you may come in Giraffe Room from 9:30 in the morning. After our Circle Time, we will have P.E. lesson at the gym. At the last 10 minutes of P.E., we would like to have Parent and Child Activity. Please wear comfortable clothes and inside shoes.

Thank you for your cooperation and support. See you tomorrow. 🙂





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Food Fest 2019

Last Friday (November 29th, 2019), AMICUS Kindergarten had Food Festival. This is our 4th year to invite guests from different countries to cook their local cuisine for us.

Before we started the introduction of each cuisine, we had Mrs. Yamato to speak about the importance of food appreciation in relation to nutrition.

After that, we had Mr. Fukuchi – one of the K2 friends’ father and grandfather who are “sushi professionals” from Okinawa, Japan.

This year we invited guests from Bangladesh, Nepal and Thailand.

Then, we shared and enjoyed the food. Itadakimasu!

small portion of each food 🙂

Most students said:

“I ate all food.”



“Tastes good!”

Thank you everyone for participating in our event.

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Food Fest Update

We would like to apologize for writing the wrong day in our November Newsletter. Here is an update:        

On Friday (November 29th), we would like to start our Food Fest an hour earlier because we will have a short lecture and would like to give time to introduce the dishes from different countries.

*Please let your child bring light lunch preferably one rice ball or sandwich. Please bring an empty lunch box that they can use to put their food from different countries.

**Reminder: If you order school lunch, we cancelled your order.

*** If you have time, please come and join us to try different food from around the world!




*** お時間がありましたら、保護者の方々にも世界の料理を味わっていただきたいのでぜひご参加ください♪

Time / 時間: 9:30 ~12:30

Place / 場所: AMICUS MPH

持ち物/ 軽食(おにぎりやサンドウィッチ1つ程度)


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Special Guest – Mr. Kenzo Oshiro

Yesterday, Mr. Oshiro – one of the K2 student’s father whose working as a firefighter in Yokota Base came to give lecture. He shared about the responsibilities and tools of a firefighter and how they take care oneself in order to help during emergencies.

Lastly, he shared his personal training to maintain a strong body.

After that, many students wanted to be firefighters. 🙂

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Kindergarten Sports Day

Thank you for joining us last November 16, 2019.

We were all happy that the weather is good so, we can show you the different skills that our Kindergarteners have learned these past few months.

Also, they were able to show their creativity through their class flags.

Otter Class
Whale Class
Giraffe Class


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K2 Okinawan map Presentation

夏休み明けから、K2の子どもたちはExtinct animals(絶滅した動物)や環境問題について学んできました。子どもたちが学んだことの発表を下記の通り開催します!

 場所:MPH( Multi Purpose Hall)

After summer break, K2 friends are learning about extinct animals and environmental issues. We would like to have presentation. If you have time, please come and join us!

Date: Wednesday, October 16th, 2019
Place: MPH (Multi Purpose Hall)

Have a nice Autumn break♪

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