Lunch with G9 students

It was such a beautiful day, G9 students invited kindergarten friends to eat lunch and play together.

Some chose to eat inside the G9 classroom.
One of the G9 students was playing the piano and any kindergarten friends were drawn into the beautiful melody.
Since it was a beautiful day, some of us ate outside with G9 students too.

Thank you, G9 friends for inviting us to eat and play together!

We had so much fun!

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Horseback riding :)

We are going to ride the horse tomorrow (if it is not raining), December 12th, 2018.

Please wear usual gray shirt and blue pants going to school. If your child has rain boots, let them wear it to school tomorrow. Also, please bring your  helmet if you want your child to use his/her own.

Things to bring:

extra clothes, long pants







Thank you 🙂

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Behind the scenes of Family Sports Day 2018 (Creating the K1 class flag)

First, we discussed the outline of the flag. This was the idea students had in creating our flag.

Then we had students choose if they wanted to make the rainbow, tree, or the giraffe of the flag.

Thus, the class was divided into three groups (rainbow, tree, and giraffe) to create the flag.

All the groups went outside to sketch their idea.


Rainbow group:

The group discussed what materials they wanted to use to create the rainbow. Felt was decided and they started to cut the felt to glue it on the flag.




Tree group:

While sketching their idea on how to draw the tree, a leaf fell on a student`s sketch. Then, another student had an idea to use actual leaves and trees instead of drawings.


They collected the materials from outside and used paint, spray, tree branches, and leaves to glue onto the flag.


Giraffe group:

After everyone sketched their giraffe, everyone gathered to combine each giraffe sketch to make their original giraffe!

A student suggested instead of the collection of random drawings, have each student responsible for different parts of the giraffe such as head, face, body, neck, and legs. As a result, everyone contributed to drawing their favorite parts of the giraffe.







After they finished, they chose their favorite color and stamped their group (star and heart).

K1 students said we should add teachers too!


We hope you love our flag!! Good job K1!

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Family Sports Day Reminder

Hello everyone!


Just few reminders for tomorrow:


What: Family Sports Day


Where: 〒904-2223 Okinawa-ken, Uruma-shi, Gushikawa, 2336




When: November 17, 2018 / 9:00 am


Attire: P.E. Uniform, clean running shoes (inside shoes)


What to bring: water bottle



Please bring your comfortable inside shoes.


NO FOOD and DRINKS allowed in the Gushikawa Dome.


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K1 June Activities

Month: June                           Theme: Transportation       


This is how we started our transportation unit for June.

We started the unit asking what they want to know.

Many friends wanted to know about transportation.


We introduced different kinds of transportation in English.


We had different transportation pictures for students to decorate.

Some chose to paint, use crayons, and others decided to cut and paste colored paper.

We also learned the song “The wheels on the bus” while riding the bus in class!!

We made paper airplanes and paper helicopters.


We also made cars!

Another student said, “I made a Lamborghini!!” 🙂

We talked about where they want to go on their transportation.

One student said, “I want to go to the train station with my paper airplane.”


After learning about different transportations, we sorted them into sky, sea, and land transportation.

We learned about numbers too!

During free play, we used the car to make an awesome race course and also made a bullet train HAYABUSA!

Wow! We learned so much in June!!!

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