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  1. Regarding to field trip to Bee Factory on Monday 8th July, please provide us with more information for example ;
    – Who is going K1 or K2 or both?
    – Only students or parents are invited? (we need to know ahead in case parents are invited to join, so we can take some times off)
    – In case only students what time do you leave school? And is it normal pick up time at school?
    – How to get there, school bus or own transportation?
    – Where is the location of Bee Factory?
    – What to bring? Lunch, picnic mat etc.
    – Duration of time staying on site

    Please provide us with details of information above ahead of time. Thank you very much in advance!

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  2. Both K1 & K2 are going on a field trip to Kohama Honey Factory(5-37-32, Chibana, Okinawa-city). (students only)
    We will leave AMICUS at 9:40 by school bus and come back at 11:30. We will have lunch in kinder so pick up time is same as usual. The students don’t need to bring anything special on that day.

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