Ryukyu University Museum

K1 and K2 friends went on a field trip to Ryukyu University Museum today. The children enjoyed observing a lot of specimens. They fed a goat and felt nature outside.


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Inviting Grandparents


9:30 園長デイキン先生より挨拶

9:40 子ども達と一緒に歌遊び “Hey There Neighbor”

10:10 一緒にゲーム


11:00 歌 “てぃんさぐぬ花”

11:30 体育館で一緒に昼食

We are going to invite grandparents on Friday, September 13th for National Holiday “Respect for the Aged” (September 16th). We will have a special event with them. The tentative plan is as follows. The children are looking forward to seeing them so please come and have fun!

9:30 Opening remarks by Mr. Dakin

9:40 Kinder song with grandparents “Hey There Neighbor”

10:10 Game with grandparents

      Break time

11:00 Song “Tinsagu nu hana”

11:30 Lunch at the Gym

Venue (場所) : Amicus Gym (アミークス体育館)

What to bring (持ち物) : Water (水)、Casual clothes (動きやすい服装)、Inside shoes (室内履き)、Lunch (ランチ)

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School resumes


K2 friends visited elementary school. Third graders showed them some handmade Kamishibai.


K1 friends came to school with big smile too. They have started new days!

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Field Trip on August 28th

Since kinder friends have been interested in insects, we changed our field trip plan. We are going to Ryukyu University Museum, Fujukan instead of Okinawa Zoo on August 28th. We will have a lecture about insects, animals or nature around us by the teacher of university. We are sorry for this sudden change.


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Kohama Honey Factory

There are many things that we haven’t known.
Tens of thousands of bees are in those boxes.
Male bees don’t have sting so we can touch them.

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