Water Play Day!

Kinder friends had a great time today. They enjoyed playing in the pools, with bubbles, fishing, and sliding down the “splash mountain” water slide.


Bubble Station

Water slide


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K2 enjoying September

September 1st a big typhoon came to Okinawa. September 2nd we had a holiday. September 3rd we came to school and worked hard all morning cleaning up outside Kinder.

K2 friends have been practicing their hiragana to prepare for Calligraphy Time. They enjoyed Mr. Nakasone’s lesson about あいうえお and かきくけこ. They played hiragana relay games and showing each other their writing skills.

Continuing with our “Earth” theme, we decided to start by focusing on Okinawa. This week we started creating a 3-D map of Okinawa using recycled materials. K2s made teams and are making models of popular sights in Okinawa- forests, caves, Amicus, Shuuri castle, Okinawan houses and the ocean. They have great imagination!

We harvested seeds from our morning glory flowers. We got so many seeds!

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Save the ocean





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Moving on…to learn more

We had been learning about insects for the past several weeks. This week we had our class meeting to decide what we will learn about next. Our new topic is…EARTH!

We used Google Earth to look at our Earth. We looked for K2 teachers’ houses, Amicus Kindergarten and each friend’s house. We used the sentences, “Where do you live?” “I live in ______.”

We are getting ready for Family Sports Day.

K2s are continuing to learn phonics and sight words. New words this week: what, a, in, my, your, have. We are making a new sight words book, too.

August birthday party…

We are learning a lot from friends’ Show and Tell and enjoying writing in our journals.

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Back to School

Though our summer vacation was sudden and short, we felt like we have not seen each other for a while. Many of the students were excited to come to school and enjoy time together. We teachers were so glad to see everyone healthy with bright, smiling faces!

We enjoyed taking care of our garden again. We saw how much our watermelon has grown and enjoyed observing plants’ roots (ねっこ), stems (くき), and leaves (はっぱ).

We picked our watermelon. K2 friends enjoyed smelling and cutting it open. It looks so delicious!おいしい!

Some friends tasted our basil parsley and basil. Some friends liked the taste, others said,
“にがい!It’s bitter!”

The students were happy to see the horses and UMABU teachers.

We played outside a lot last Monday. Friends enjoyed doing jump rope, catching insects, and playing dodge ball.

Lunch outside.

We had our Class Meeting to talk about our next topic…
“What do you want to know?” “What do you want to learn?” K2 friends have many ideas.

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“I can see” Game

しゃしんのなかに かくれている うみのいきものを みつけよう♪


Find the following:

1- Puffer fish, 1- Clown fish, 1-Angelfish  



Find the following:

1 – dolphin , 2- shrimp , 3- rainbow fish



Find the following:

1- sea cucumber, 2- sea turtle, 3 – crab, 4 – manta, 5 – starfish



Let’s talk about the answer on Monday 🙂

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