Haneji Dam

In the overnight trip we went to a dam that is called “Haneji Dam”. While there we learned about the history of Okinawa’s dam. The first dam that is made in Okinawa is Fukuji Dam.

Haneji dam was made in 2001 and Fukuji dam was made in 1975. There are 26 years between when the Fukuji dam was made and when the Haneji dam was made. The Haneji dam is made by rock-fill dam.

We learned a lot of things about dams there! We had very fun overnight field trip!

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In the overnight trip we went to EXPO Park in Motobu city. At the aquarium, we saw some beautiful fish all from Okinawa. I saw “chinn-anago” which is an eel that hides and lives in sand. They were so interesting. We also learned many facts about fish. Did you know that shark’s teeth are disposable teeth? They have an extra teeth behind their teeth! We had so much fun!

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