G6 Selected Band

Congratulations on “making it” into the G6 Selected Band, students!!

I have uploaded audio files for you to listen to, and do some image training as you prepare for our Performance Day.

Happy listening, musicians!!

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About A.I.

Here is a good introduction to what Artificial Intelligence is nowadays:

You can also watch some of those videos to learn how A.I. is changing our society:

 The vocabulary you may need:

  • Technical words
    • algorithm(s)
    • programming / coding
    • artificial intelligence (A.I.)
    • machine learning (M.L.)
    • neural networks
  • Verbs
    • to mimic
    • to be replaced (by)
    • to automate / to be automated (by machines)
    • to rely on
    • to outperform
    • to put out of job
    • to tackle (a problem, or “novel situations”)
  • Others
    • disruption
    • automation
    • industry
    • manufacturing
    • breakthrough
    • self-driving / autopilot
    • remotely
    • scifi = science-fiction
    • healthcare / health care
    • melanoma (= skin cancer)


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Grade 6 Update

We have completed 4 weeks of lessons and are well into our studies. I hope all parents have received the letter sent home yesterday by the school about the changes in grade 6. The changes are sudden and unfortunately we need to continue moving forward without Ms. Ishiko for a while.

We will continue to work as a team with the support of Ms. Oshiro and Mr. Patterson to make each day as interesting and fun to learn, like it has been until now.

We pray and hope for Ms. Ishiko a speedy and healthy recovery and look forward to welcoming her back in the not too distant future.

Grade 6

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