All Japan Rope Jumping Kattobi Championship 全日本なわとびかっとび王選手権


You may already be aware of this, but, these days, many students have been thinking/talking about and practicing long jump rope, together with their classmates. And, some students seem to be interested in participating in the All Japan Rope Jumping Kattobi Championship event.

The following is a link to the video of the 2016 All Japan Rope Jumping Kattobi Championship, aired on NHK:

Students, please go ahead and check out the video, if you are interested, and talk about it within your class!

Have a wonderful evening!




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5C Information

Thank you, 5C parents for attending the PT meeting on Friday. Please find the information needed for the class in the link below.


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PT Friday

Thanks to all parents for coming to our PT last Friday. We really enjoyed having you and spending time talking with you. I’m sure your children were happy you were there too! Anyway, please find the slides from the information session below. Should you need to review it, you can check it here by clicking on the link below. If there are any questions, feel free to call the school. Thank you again parents, for coming.

1stPTmeeting-slide (1)

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Today, in math class, students were introduced to the following website:

This website is prepared/managed by さかぽん先生 (Sakapon Sensei), and he has uploaded videos and worksheets to support math and English learning of Japanese school students in upper elementary school and junior high school.

Students, please feel free to watch the videos and use/try the worksheets, and I hope that they will help you understand and/or clarify the math concepts which we will focus on/look at/learn this school year in grade 5.

Also, BIG THANKS to さかぽん先生 for preparing such a FANTASTIC site!

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Number places


In our current math unit, unit 1, students reviewed/looked at the different number places.

The link below takes us to a website developed by a group called Kaʻimi loa o ka hihi Project (Kahihi).

Students, please feel free to take a look at the link to review the different number places that we looked at in math!

Have a nice weekend! 😉




次のリンクから Kaʻimi loa o ka hihi Project (Kahihi) というグループより作られたウェブサイトへと移動できます。



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Golf Experience

Good Afternoon, parents and students. Thank you for working hard this week. The students are adjusting to fifth grade well, and our field trip is coming soon. We would like to remind you of the upcoming golf experience field trip. Please see the letter below. We are also still looking for additional drivers to assist us during the trip. We need at least 4 additional drivers for the trip, so if you would like to volunteer, please contact the teachers as soon as you can. Thanks always for your support.


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Grade Level Committees

Thank you for supporting our educational activities this year. With the start of the new year come new challenges for the Fifth graders. The fifth grade faculty would like to inform you of one such challenge.

This year we are asking the students to take part in 5 special committees to help them prepare more for 6th grade and Junior High School life. Each committee will serve a role in the day to day guidance and activities on the grade. The names and the explanations of the committees are as follows. . .

Leaders Committee

Keeps track of and suggests activities for the other committees. This group also suggests new student ideas for the teachers to consider.

Environment (Cleaning) Committee

Maintains a clean classroom and common area environment. Also makes posters and other objects to enhance the classroom environment.

Rice Field Committee

Responsible for the cultivation and maintenance of a rice field on Amicus ground.

Event Committee

Helps plan major events for the grade and support schoolwide events. Also suggests new events that are beneficial for the student body.

Media Committee

Writes the class newspaper and creates videos of student life and important events.

We would like interested students to join one of the committees at some point during the term. If they have a special talent they would like to use for the benefit of the grade, this might be a good experience for them!


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Amicus Clubs

Amicus clubs will begin on May 2nd! Tomorrow at 2nd period, students will have an oppourtunity to choose a clubs that best reflects the extra activities they would like to learn about this year. Please look at the list below to see the different types of clubs available.

Manga Club –

Karaoke Club

Learn how to create manga pages

Sing along to your favorite songs

Floor Hockey Learn skills and rules of floor hockey.
Ukulele/Guitar Club Play the Ukulele/Guitar and sing
Reading Enjoy for reading
Basketball club Play basketball and learn skills
Creative Writing Enjoy story writing
Soccer Learn skills and rules of soccer
Table tennis Learn skills and rules of table tennis
Play table tennis games
Movie Club Watching and reviewing movies and making movies
Dance Dance!
Learn in Nature Nature based activities
Okinawan Culture Study about Okinawa
Health/Bicycle Club To promote a healthy lifestyle

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Opening Ceremony

On Monday, April 11th, Amicus had its Opening Ceremony. The students were attentive and listened well during the event and shared some of their hopes for the coming year. Satoshi Shimabukuro gave an excellent speech for the coming of the new year. We are all hoping to have an excellent year with grade 5!

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Welcome and Staff Introduction

Welcome to all our Grade 5 students and families! We are very pleased to introduce ourselves as your teachers. We have been preparing for the first day of school to meet all of our students, and we are really excited. This school year for G5, we will be focusing on each student’s independence and sense of community. We want students to be proactive on creating a grade level community as caring, respectful and full of learning. We all will work as a team to support every child to achieve their potential. Ms. Ninomiya is the 5A homeroom teacher, Ms. Hagiwara is the 5B homeroom teacher and Mr. Terada is the 5C homeroom teacher. Mr. Gear, Mr. Yoo and Ms. Maria will support all of us to improve their English and life skills.

Mizuki Ninomiya – 5A Homeroom Teacher

Hello, everyone. I’m Ninomiya Mizuki. I’m from Osaka. Last year, I was a junior high school teacher in Chiba. I taught English and basketball. My favorite sport is especially basketball, so let’s play basketball together. I always say, “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.” Try everything you want to do! Enjoy G5!

Yoshie Hagiwara – 5B Homeroom teacher

I’m Yoshie, a teacher in 5B. I’m so excited to meet all students who are between childhood and adulthood must have sensitivity and infinite potential. I hope we all will be able to feel and see dignity of every single person, animal, and all nature and plant, through all school life with me!

Fumihiro Terada – 5C Homeroom Teacher

Hello. I’m Terada. I came from Osaka 3 years ago. I was G4 and G5 teacher for these past 3 years, and I’m 5C’s homeroom teacher this year. I’m happy to share these valuable times with you. I want to spend a fantastic year together! I hope we all will be able to have a meaningful year and enjoy Grade 5!!

Soo Eung Yoo – Math Specialist

Hi grade 5! I’m Mr. Yoo, and I’m a South Korean teacher who grew up in a multicultural /international environment, just like you! I really believe that life is one BIG adventure, and I’m very excited about adventuring together with you all this school year. I’m looking forward to journeying, learning, growing, overcoming challenges, and achieving goals with you all!

Maria Catbagan – Science Specialist

Hi. I am Maria Nita De Lena Catbagan from Philippines, you can call me Ms Maria. This is my fifth year in Amicus teaching Science to 3rd and 4th grade. I am supporting 5th grade this school year. I worked in South Africa and Malawi before joining Amicus.

Frederick Gear – English Specialist

I’m Mr. Gear. I’m from New York City, the city that never sleeps. I am the English teacher for Grade 5. I love traveling around the Islands of East Asia with my wife and son. I have lived on Okinawa for two years now. I am honored to have the privilege to work with your children. Let’s all do our best this year and grow as English speakers!

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