Hello, Parents and Students!

Term 1 has come to an end, and I am very happy that the students can finally have some rest. They have been challenging themselves often this term in different classes. They have also spent some time thinking about how they can improve. Hopefully, during next term, they can act on their thinking and improve even more, as is the Amicus spirit.

Important Events for the New Term are as follows. . .

Performance Day is December 2nd. The students have worked very hard to write their scripts, and are studying the scripts for auditions this weekend. We are hoping to assign roles next week, but we will also need other tasks to be done for preparation. Please support us when you can.

In addition, students are currently training for the upcoming Spelling Competition in Tokyo. We will be able to send only ONE student, so if your child is competing, please support them when you can.

Please take some time to rest and come back refreshed on Tuesday! Thank you for a great term 1!


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