Multiplication in English and Japanese かけ算の考え方のちがい

2C is now working on multiplication in math lessons. Since we teach math in English at Amicus, students encounter different ways of thinking and it is confusing sometimes. Multiplication is one of the topics where students encounter the difference.

If you see groups of something such as shown in the picture below, we say “6 groups of 4”.  Therefore, the math sentence will be 6×4. However, if we say the same thing in Japanese, the numbers 6 and 4 appear in the opposite order. Therefore, the math sentence will be 4×6.

We taught both ways to students and they seem to understand. The difference will be seen in the Japanese MEXT textbooks versus My Pals Workbook or worksheets that we give out.



しかし英語では、”6 groups of 4″という言い方をします。いくつグループがあるかを先に考え、そのあとそれぞれのグループの中にいくつあるのかを考えます。そのため、式は6×4となります。

2Cでは、日本語で聞かれたら日本語で答え、英語で聞かれたら英語で答えるように教えています。子どもたちもしっかり理解しており、「英語で言うと6 groups of 4 だから」など独り言を言いながら式を立てている様子が見られます。



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Monday Schedule

Good afternoon.

Please check the schedule for Monday and come to school prepared. We have a lot to do next week!

We miss you so much! See you on Monday.

Ms. Oshiro


1 Math (Test on addition and subtraction, vertical)

2 English

3 Japanese (漢字ミニテスト、黄色のフォルダーを見てはんいをかくにんしましょう)

4 Music

5 & 6  Art (making Halloween treat basket)


Things to bring

-milk carton for art lesson

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Hello 2C!

Hi Friends! 🙂

I hope everyone is resting well at home. For those of you who are not sick, I have some extra work for you! But only if you have time.

If you have finished all of the homework pages in your math workbook, you may try other pages (any pages) up to p82. It’s good to review, right? Because we will have a math test on Monday.  Yes, I said it!  Math Test on Monday. The test will be on Addition and Subtraction (vertical) so please come to school prepared.

After the test, we can finally start learning about multiplication. Yay!

Have a good day and see you all on Monday.

Love, Mrs. Pannell

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Work during class closed 学級閉鎖中の学習について

Good morning 2C. Since the class is closed for this week, we are going to put up the work that you can do at home. If you are not sick or are feeling better, please work on them. If you are sick, don’t worry about completing the work. Your job is to rest and get better. We miss all of you already and will miss you for the whole week.

2Cのみなさん、おはようございます。今週は、おうちで おべんきょうして下さい。とりくんで ほしいことを ブログに のせますので 見て下さいね。たいちょうのわるい人は おべんきょうはしないで しっかり休んでください。元気な人は、おうちでも しっかり がくしゅうして下さい。

Math Workbook p71-78

Phonics Worksheet (FUN FONIX)

Math/English Packet

Japanese- お手紙をていねいに音読1日1回、かん字れんしゅう1日1ページ(ブルーフォルダの①~⑱のうち、どれをれんしゅうしてもいいです) プリントセット



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